What does it mean to be a 'good' steward?

“This participation takes different forms according to people’s different gifts and offices, but there is a fundamental obligation arising from the sacrament of Baptism (cf. Pope John Paul II, Christifideles Laici, no. 15): that we the people place our gifts, our resources—our selves—at God’s service in and through the Church.” In other words, as God has been generous to his children, we are called to be generous with our gifts, resources, and selves—sometimes referred to as time, treasure, and talent—in service to the Church and the people of God. For Catholics, some of this generosity necessarily must be directed to the evangelizing mission and ministries, both ordained and baptismal, of the Church. The national collections, together with appeals and collections of local parishes and dioceses, provide meaningful opportunities to exercise good stewardship.

Are you a good steward?


For more information about joining any of our ministries, contact the parish office at 770-482-5017.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults Program (RCIA)

Faith Building Moments

This one year program will allow adults who want to inquire more about the Catholic faith and become Catholic, those who have questions about Catholic beliefs or those who have not received all the sacraments and will like to fully enter the faith walk. This weekly journey will begin in September and end with the Easter Sunday mass.

Christ Our Hope Parish community consider joining our RCIA program!!

What is RCIA? Rite for Christian Initiation for Adults

Who is invited? Anyone interested in receiving the sacraments of - Baptism, Holy Eucharist and or Confirmation. Anyone who has questions about the Catholic faith. Anyone who wants to revive their Catholic faith. Those who have lost the reason for being Catholic.

Why RCIA? You can only become an adult Catholic godparent, sponsor and spouse with the full church blessings when have received all the above-listed sacraments.

What is needed? Your commitment to attend one weekly class.

Learn and grow as a Catholic     ...... Saturday mornings.

Time and where?     Sr. Thea Bowman Parish hall at 9:30 a.m.

Contact: Parish office at (770) 482-5017

Altar Care Ministry

Care is divided into four (4) groups.

1    Launder linen used on the Altar
2    Soiled linen is collected on Sunday and returned on Saturday before vigil mass
3    Launder white vestment (Albs) worn by the priest – once per month
4     Launder vestments (Albs)  worn by the altar servers  - once per month
5     Cleaning – the general tidiness of the Church – once per week

There is no meeting.  A schedule is posted every month. Phone calls and e-mails keep us together.


Serves as Liaison between the Hispanic Community and the Church’s office. She provides information as needed.

DOMINGO DE RAMOS: Misa 11:00 am (Hall)

JUEVES SANTO: Misa 7:00 pm. Exposición del Santísimo hasta media noche

IERNES SANTO: Ceremonia de las Siete Palabras 4:30 pm. Via Crucis 6:00 pm. Veneración de la Cruz 7:00 pm SABADO SANTO: Vigilia Pascual 9:00 pm

OMINGO DE RESURRECCION: Misa 11:00 am (Hall-bilingue)

enta de Pescado Frito. Todos los Viernes de 4:30 a 7:30 pm. Apoyemos esta actividad organizada por el club de Hombres de Cristo Nuestra Esperanza

Extra- Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Duties- assist priest in serving communion (body and blood of Christ) at mass
Set up vessels before mass and clean up vessels after mass
Visit and bring communion to sick and homebound members
Try to be an example of Christ to faith community

Flower Ministry

Celebrate yourself and your loved ones by donating flowers for the altar.
Include your name – the date required - the person you are requesting the flowers for - the purpose of the request e.g., birthday – anniversary - thanksgiving - memorial

Donations are - $70.00 for the two ( 2 ) floral arrangements at the Main Altar
$40.00 for the two ( 2 ) at the feet of Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.
Call and visit the Secretary, Elena Porras, at the office (770.482.5017)
Office is open Monday through Friday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm
Payment is due at the time the request is made.

Generation Hope Teen Ministry

An atmosphere where teens share, apply, and strengthen their faith! We focus on having fun, meeting new people, and growing in our faith as teenagers. Our activities include group discussions about many different topics (these are decided by the group), attending concerts, service projects, conferences, and other event.

Men’s Council

“The Men of Christ Our Hope” is a brotherhood of Catholic men from the parish who are firmly united in mutual friendship and respect. We provide support of the church community, inclusive of the clergy, the youth, and the elderly, all within truly diverse national cultures. We hold formal meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9:30am in Thea Bowman Hall.  All men of the parish are invited to attend.

Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body within the parish from which the pastor seeks advice and counsel in the planning and administration of the parish. The Pastoral Council is not a legislative body; it is an advisor to the pastor and is charged with recognizing parish needs, setting priorities, and empowering people to participate in satisfying these needs according to the mission of our parish. The work of the pastoral council is to consider, plan and recommend ways for the parish to accomplish the mission of Christ. The pastoral council is a strategic organ in the parish that keeps the parish focused on this divine purpose – loving God, loving God's people, doing God's will and leading others to God through Christ. We meet August through June on the second Monday of the month after the 7:00 pm Mass. All meetings are open to the congregation, except when designated as a private meeting for members only.

Prayer Group

We gather together to pray and give glory to God.  We share our journey of faith and encourage and support one another in prayers. We learn about and discuss our catholic faith, our current catholic calendar, the sacraments, the bible, current events in our catholic church and other faith builders. All are encouraged and most welcomed to join us. We meet every Wednesday, in the church after the 7 pm Mass.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Religious Education

 Religious Education Program seeks to lead all parishioners toward a more intimate union with Jesus Christ. This program also provides formal instructions for youth ages 6-17 years of age. Students may receive the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation if they have been baptized in the Christian Faith, are in the right grade and meet all requirements for that sacrament.

The Religious Ed. program begins each year in Sept. and ends in May. Classes are held every Sunday from 9:15-10:15 am. We have a staff of very dedicated catechists who serve our students, giving their time and talent to catechizing others and continued growth in faith and understanding of our Catholic Community. We welcome all who wish to offer their time and talent in our program.

Security Committee

This Committee is responsible for complete protection of the grounds. We provide safety and security to all. We promote policies, guidelines and procedures, including monitoring service, emergency response, fire and other alarms. We secure lighting and systems. We sponsor various fund raising events. Meetings are held every other Thursday at 7:15pm.

Stewardship Committee

Primary purpose and responsibilities: Recruitment of parishioners to service; Commitment of time, talent, and treasure; Promote parish-wide effort in all projects and events; Annual Appeal administration Meeting time is second Sunday between 8 & 10:30am Masses @ the Thea Bowman Hall

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Society’s mission is to provide Spiritual as well as financial assistance to those in the Lithonia community. Parish donations are used to aid with food, utility bills, prescriptions, rent and mortgages. Members of the conference visit the homes of those who call on us so that we may access their needs, which in most cases are greater than what they conveyed. The entire process is handled with complete confidentiality. We meet every other Wednesday at 7:30 pm and welcome new members


The St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry is back in business at Christ our Hope Catholic Church in Lithonia.

Meat and other fresh produce are now occasionally among the available items; and there’s also a new streamlined intake process for local residents applying for assistance.

"We want as many folks as possible to know that, should they need help, we are open.”

The St. Vincent operation at Christ our Hope is available only for Lithonia residents, as well as Christ our Hope members regardless of where they live. 

Food from the pantry is free to qualified recipients. Client in-take and food pick-up appointments are scheduled by calling 678-892-6163 on Tuesdays only between 8-11 a.m.

Welcome Committee

Process New Registrants of Christ Our Hope, greet members, guests and visitors, provides information relative to Christ Our Hope membership.  We also provide receptions honoring new members of Christ Our Hope.  We meet about 2 times a year to plan receptions.  Meeting day and time varies.

Usher Ministry

Ensure the church is ready to receive Parishioners.
Open the door and greet Parishioners upon arrival.
Assist in seating Parishioners.
Complete collections.
Pass out bulletins.
Ensure church is secured.
Meetings called as needed.

Women’s Council

The Council support our Pastor. We sponsor Scholarship Fundraising to collect funds to help our high school seniors that are getting ready to go to college. We sponsor Father's Day event for the men of the parish. We sponsor Sunday breakfast every first Sunday of the month. This helps parishioners to fellowship while eating breakfast in the parish hall after  8:00 am and 10:30 am. masses. We also support other ministries where and whenever needed. We meet on  2nd Sundays of every month in the parish hall at after 11:00 am mass.

Young at Heart

The “Young at Heart” is an organization dedicated to the senior parishioners of our church.  The organization provides the senior members of the parish an opportunity to fellowship at least once a month. The members are of diverse backgrounds and cultures, but they represent a group built on love, hope and faith in Jesus Christ.  Their spirituality has been an influence on their ability to live independently, while maintaining healthy life styles.  We meet for mass, usually, on the first Friday of each month followed by a luncheon or some other planned activity in the parish hall.  The mass schedule or any of the planned activities may change based on holidays, weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

Music Ministry

Spanish Choir
Rehearsals:  Wednesdays, 8:30p-9:30p
Sing:  Sundays, 12:30p Mass

Thea Bowman Ensemble
Choirmaster: Jack Tilson
Open to adults 18 and over*
*young adults welcome
Rehearsals: primarily after the 8:00 Mass the 2nd and 4th Sundays;
Sing: Sundays, 8:00 Mass

Thea Bowman Visionary Choir
Choirmaster: Jack Tilson
Open to adults 18 and over*
*young adults welcome
Rehearsals: primarily Tuesday evenings 7-9 pm.
Sing:  1st, 3rd (and 5th) Sundays, 10:30 am Mass

Spanish Choir
Rehearsals:  Wednesdays, 8:30p-9:30p
Sing:  Sundays, 12:30p Mass


First Friday Eucharistic Adoration 9am.-noon with Mass

(Misa en Español) Sundays: 1:00 pm

Regular first Friday Adoration from 9:00 am

Saturday Vigil: 5:00 pm

Sundays: 8:00 am, 11:00 am.



Wednesday 6:00-6:45 PM

Sacrament – Anointing of the Sick

Every First Saturday of the month after the 5:30 pm Mass. 


Christ Our Hope Parish
1786 Wellborn Road
Lithonia, GA 30058

Phone: 770-482-5017/5018
Mail: parish@christourhopeatl.org
Sacramental Emergency: 404-913-5564